Spearfishing Communities

Spearfishing Communities

Why Join A Spearfishing Group?

Spearfishing is an incredibly community driven sport. There’s nothing worse than being passionate and excited about a new sport or hobby, and having no one to share it with. But don’t worry. I can guarantee that there will be a Spearfishing Community out there for you! Joining Spearfishing communities is a great way to get introduced to the sport by meeting up with other divers in your area and across the country, and learning from their experiences. Within the UK we’re very lucky to have an abundance of clubs and communities all keen to welcome new members and show them the ropes. Here, i’ll list the communities i know of, both or official and unofficial nature below:

British Spearfishing Association (BSA):

The BSA is a civil non-profit organisation focused on bringing together Spearfishermen/women from all over the country. As well as this, it give Spearos a united platform in times of need in fishery disputes for example. The association runs regular events through the season, both of competitive and social natures. On the social side, the BSA runs what it calls ‘Fun Dives’ and ‘Try Dives’. These events give Spearos who want to learn some tips, or just to meet other divers the chance to do so. This is particularly useful for divers just starting out! If you’re the kind of diver who’s always looking to beat your buddy, then you may want to check out the BSA National Championship. This is the competitive side of Spearfishing, and is without a doubt the best way to meet some of the best Spearos around. By joining the BSA you are also covered by third party liability insurance in excess of up to £2,000,000 Worldwide except North America. Membership details can be found by click the image below which will take you directly to the BSA website:

UK Spearfishing Buddies (UKSB):

UKSB is a Facebook based Spearfishing Community with over 3000 members. It is the largest social media group for Spearos in the UK and is the first stop for many looking to get into the sport. This community is very active with multiple posts/discussions daily. Here you will find Spearos of all skill levels, all of which love spearfishing and are eager to help! Here you’ll be able to ask as many questions as you want and you’ll soon get the answer you need. You’ll also easily be able to find other divers in your area here, so don’t worry if you’re getting in to this on your own! This group is completely free to join, so search for it on Facebook and get involved!

UKSB Logo – Credit @ Facebook/UKSpearfishingBuddies

London International Club (LIC):

The LIC was established in 1999 by a group of Spearos based in and around the London area. The LIC is the largest single Spearfishing Club in the UK. The main purposes of the LIC are to bring together Spearos within the London area, organise social dives, international Spearfishing trips, and club social events. The LIC also host the LIC Pairs competition at Portland Bill each year, which is open to all not just LIC members. If this sounds like a club you’d be interested in joining, check out their Facebook page below:

LIC Logo
LIC Logo – Credit @ Facebook/LICSpearfishing

Exe Spearfishing Club:

The Exe Spearfishing club, based in Devon, has recently been restructured in 2019 to again become the thriving and active club that it was known to be in the past. Now with over active 50 members, the Exe club are very proactive in organising social events throughout the year for its members – and has really ignited that classic UK Spearfishing club atmosphere. As well as interclub events, the Exe club also hosts one of the four national competitions throughout the year. For more information on the Exe Spearfishing club, check out their Facebook page below:

Exe Spearfishing Club Logo – Credit @ Facebook/ExeSpearfishingClub

Cornwall Spearfishing Club:

The Cornwall Spearfishing Club, based in (you guessed it) Cornwall, is a relatively new club founded in 2021. The main aim of the club is to create a tight knit, friendly community that accepts Spearos’ of all levels. They organise a ton of social events throughout the year from friendly competitions to catch and cook days. If this sounds like the right place for you, check them out on their Facebook page below:

Page Header – Credit @ Facebook/CornwallSpearfishingClub

Dorset Spearfishing Club:

The Dorset Spearfishing Club have been around for a very long time and has some very experienced Spearos’ in it’s membership. They host events throughout the year for its members of all ranges of abilities. They also often host one of the yearly national competitions at Ringstead Bay. If you’re in the Dorset area and are looking for an active community to get involved with then check out their Facebook page below:

Dorset Spearfishing Club Logo – Credit @ Facebook/BSADorsetSpearfishing

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