Where To Buy Spearfishing Equipment

Where To Buy Spearfishing Equipment

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Once you get the idea of wanting to start Spearfishing, one of the first things you’ll wonder is ‘where am i going to buy Spearfishing Equipment from?’ Well, this is a question with loads of answers to, but knowing who you can trust with your money is another thing entirely. I have seen circumstances where people have paid for gear to never have to show up. So to avoid anyone making that same mistake, I’ve listed all of the best places to shop around for your Spearfishing Equipment, whether they be in the UK or worldwide. Although, if you can its always better to support your local dive shops! With this list you should be able to find everything you could possibly need for you Spearfishing Set-up.

Spearfishing Store:

Spearfishing Store is an online shop based in Devon, UK and has a huge range of products. They offer premium brands such as Cressi, Beuchat and Omer, and will have everything you need at reasonable prices! Click the picture below to check out their site:

Spearfishing Store Banner

Spearfishing UK:

Spearfishing UK perhaps offer the largest range of Spearfishing Equipment and brands for a UK based business. They supply premium brands such as Rob Allen, Riffe, Picasso and many more. As well as gear they offer a range of services such as Spearfishing Courses (click the hyperlink to see our article about Spearfishing Courses) and Spearfishing trips around the world. Click the picture below to check out their site:

Spearfishing UK Banner


Fins4U are based in Dorset, UK and primarily focus on suppling the highest quality fins for a range of water sports. Although, they do supply other equipment such as Spearguns and Wetsuits. They are the UKs’ leading distributor for Leaderfins, and premium Spearfishing brand Pathos. Click the image to go check out their site:

Fins4U Banner

Apnea Jersey:

Apnea are based on the channel island of Jersey, which is a wonderful place to go Spearfishing if you’re looking for a weekend away! They are the leading distributor for French manufacturer Immersion, and also offer a wide range of premium brands such as Omer, Riffe, Beuchat and many more. Click the image below to check out their site:

Apnea Jersey Banner


SubandCast are based in Ireland and offer a wide range of premium products from brands such as Epesealon, Meandros, Spetton and many more. They also offer Spearfishing courses for divers local to Ireland. These guys are extremely knowledgeable and will be happy to help with any questions about your gear and set up! Click the image below to take a look at their site:

Sub and Cast Banner


ScubaStore or DiveInn, are a worldwide company offering you a huge range of Spearfishing Equipment and brands. They supply pretty much every major Spearfishing Brand you can think of at competitive prices. They are often a last option for me as i will always try and get my gear from one of the UK based stores listed above. But DiveInn can be very useful for those more hard to get items such as Weights and Boat Floats. Click the image below to go straight to their site:

Scubastore Banner

So there you have it! Hopefully this list lets you narrow down your search for gear, and gives you the confidence to shop freely without worry.

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