Spearfishing Courses In The UK

Spearfishing Courses In The UK

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Spearfishing Courses being available in the UK give you the chance to begin your Spearfishing Journey with a headstart. Spearfishing can be very daunting to a beginner, and it’s easy to question whether you’re doing the right thing. The purpose of Spearfishing courses are to ensure that novice divers are able to dive safely, and give them all the knowledge needed to do so. These usually consist of a mix of “classroom” based learning, and time at sea putting what you’ve learnt to the test.

There is a common misconception among beginners that Spearfishing courses and Freediving courses are the same thing. Although they will both cover similar topics such as breathing and diving techniques, Spearfishing courses are completely tailored towards the sport.

There are a few different Spearfishing courses in the UK being operated by some extremely experienced Spearos. The knowledge these guys will be able to give you is invaluable and will stick with you. You will notice that the vast majority of these courses are based on the South Coast. However, don’t let this put you off, it’ll be well worth the drive! Although I haven’t been on any of these courses, I’ll try and give as much detail where I can. But I can assure you that no matter which one you go for, you’ll be in safe hands! Here are some of the Spearfishing courses in the UK to take a look at:

Spearfishing UK:

Spearfishing UK is one of the UKs largest Spearfishing stores and hubs. Not only do they offer premium Spearfishing equipment at a reasonable price, they off advice, Spearfishing trips abroad, and Spearfishing Courses based in both Dorset and Cornwall. During their courses they will take you to prime Spearfishing locations, giving you the confidence to go out and dive safely and have a great time. Click the picture below to be taken straight to Spearfishing UK’s website:

Spearfishing UK Banner
Spearfishing UK

The Frenchman:

The Frenchman is a company run solely by Maxime Blondel. Max is an extremely experienced diver who offers his Spearfishing courses to Spearos of all calibres. These courses are run from Devon, but this will be well worth the trip down there. I know many top level divers who would love to spend a day diving with Max – which should tell you how good this guy is! If you decide to take one of his courses, it will be a decision that you will not easily regret. Click the picture below to be taken straight to The Frenchmans’ website:

The Frenchman Banner
The Frenchman Ltd

Freedive UK:

Freedive UK are an established provider of Freediving courses in the UK and have been for some time. Their AIDA certified instructors are full of knowledge and experience after years of diving in UK waters. The Spearfishing course they offer is full of vital freedviing knowledge, tailored towards Spearfishing to ensure you are a safe and competent diver by the time the course ends. Freedive UK’s Spearfishing courses are also BSA (British Spearfishing Association) approved. Click the picture below to be taken straight to Freedive UKs’ website:

Freedive UK Banner
Freedive UK

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