Why Start Spearfishing?

Why Start Spearfishing?

Why should you start Spearfishing in the UK? That’s probably the first question you’ll ask yourself after watching a ton of videos on YouTube. And it’s actually a question that there’s a lot of great answers to!

Spearo approaching hole in rock
Hakai Magazine – Credit Scott Curtis

Sustainable Fishing:

Large scale commercial trawling is one of the most destructive actions us humans take against our oceans, and is unfortunately one of the most common ways fish is supplied. Trawling and mass over fishing is a huge problem in UK waters. Species such as Sea Bass and Black Bream are targeted in mass whilst they come into shallow waters to breed by trawlers. This has a huge impact on the species population and often destroys areas of seabed they will choose to breed on.

Pair Trawler Demonstration
Sustainable Fishing – Graphic Demonstrating Pair Trawling

Spearfishing allows you to partake in the most sustainable form of fishing there is. As Spearos’ we’re actually able to see the fish we’re about to take. Giving us the opportunity to leave small fish, target certain species, and to have next to zero impact on the environment. Also, whether you’re only taking one fish or a hand full, the impact of taking these fish is not going to damage the population to the extent of other fishing methods.

Meet New People Through Spearfishing:

Spearfishing in the UK is a hugely community driven sport with groups of divers stationed all over the country. So not matter where you are, I guarantee there will be some other Spearos near you to go diving with. By meeting other divers you’ll get the chance to dive new spots, and go on Spearfishing trips all over the country, and maybe even the world! You’ll also get the chance to learn from other Spearos experiences. Having a mentor to show you the ropes can be invaluable. However, even just having a dive buddy with the same experience as you can be just as important. Developing your skills with someone else will only make the experience more enjoyable.

There are many organisations and groups that you can join to get out there and meet other divers. If this is something you’re interested in, take a look at the Spearfishing Communities page!

Be That Guy With Great Stories:

Spearfishing is without a doubt one of the most out there things you can do with your spare time. Telling people you like fishing just doesn’t do it anymore. But telling people you like SPEARfishing on the other hand, that’ll get people excited. Spearfishing will give you all sorts of great stories to tell. Whether it be how you finally landed that 10lb Bass, that time you had a run in with a massive bull seal, or when you went out to Norway with your mates to hunt Atlantic Halibut in the Arctic Circle! This sport will give you plenty of amazing adventures. And behind every great adventure is an even better story to tell!

Environmental Impact:

If you’re someone who actively tries to do their part to reduce your environmental impact on the world, and you love fish, then Spearfishing could be the hobby for you. Spearfishing gives you the opportunity to catch you’re own food. No more going to the supermarket and buying frozen fish most likely caught through commercial mass fishing methods. Use your dives to fill up your freezer with fresh fish, and stop supporting these unsustainable methods of fishing. If this isn’t a good enough reason to start Spearfishing then I don’t know what is!

Thurlestone Bay Vista
Thurlestone Bay, Devon, England

Free Food:

Is there a better reason as to why you should start Spearfishing? Maybe, but this is a VERY good one!

European Sea Bass
European Sea Bass

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