Lets go Spearfishing!

Lets go Spearfishing!

Welcome to GoSpearfishing UK! I have been Spearfishing along the South Coast of England for over 13 years, both competitively and for fun. Over the last couple of years I have noticed a huge influx of potential new Spearos’ looking for a way into the sport. Which is great! But it’s very easy to find yourself overloaded with information. Whether it be what gear you need, where to get it and how much it’ll cost you. Or where to find the best place to catch that prize 10lb Sea Bass that you’ve seen hundreds of pictures of! I’ve seen many people who’ll often end up buying loads of expensive equipment, only to give up the sport a few months later. This is usually down to not being able to find fish and not having a dive partner to enjoy it with. Maybe they were thinking it would be like the videos on YouTube with crystal clear warm waters and big Tuna! Or they just realise that this isn’t the sport for them.

With this website, I am trying to give a helping hand to anyone who feels lost in the large world of Spearfishing with some tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way. And just consolidating all of the information is see people asking questions for. And above all else, I want to help you to Spearfish as safely as possible, whilst having a great time! This sport will take you all over the country looking for the best spots, maybe even the world. As a result, you’ll meet some great people along the way!

Happy spearing and dive safe!

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